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Aluminum Transport Boxes

MWD, Kit Utilities, E-Line, Wireline, Gamma, Grocery, Probe Transport, Satellite, Drill Rig Transport, Gang


Fabrication and manufacturing of commercial and recreational products

 Aluminum is the strongest and most durable option for your ATV Skids. Aluminum has great bolt holding capabilities, rigidity & durability.

We have Special Package Deals for all our listed models. SPD's are all the parts in one package.

Special Package Deal shown is for Honda Rubicon IRS  

Fits: Rubicon ATV w/ IRS  2015-2018. Will work with a winch already mounted on your ATV.

Materials: FBSP - 3/16 aluminum. Stik-Gards - 1/8 aluminum.

Includes:  Stik-Gards Front (L&R) and Rear (L&R), Full Belly Skid Plate (FBSP-3pc), plus hardware and installation instructions.